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The edge coat is beautiful and the blade span is just the right length.

And it doesn’t feel bad in my hand.

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「Thanks, Ria. I’ll go with this.」

「Un! I’m rooting for you, so do your best!」

As I received the sword from her – the live announcement rang out.

「—Thank you so much for waiting! The Great Arena will start from now on! All scheduled duels will be canceled today – a special match will be held!」

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At that moment, the venue erupted into cheers.

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I can’t see the audience from here, but apparently there are a tremendous number of spectators.

「First of all, West Gate! The worst of the worst crook who sunk his poisonous fangs into our Ria-sama! Allen-Rodoreuuuuu!」

When I got the terrible announcement from the commentator, and went from the waiting room to the stage,

「Withdraw! You trash bastard!」

「How dare you put your hands on our Ria-sama!?」

「A crook who is only good with his mouth! Don’t think you’ll be returning home safely!」

Fierce boos and hooting poured down on me like rain.

Looking closely, the audience was mostly comprised of the guards from Vesteria Castle – in other words, a gathering of those who are『under』His Majesty Gris.

(This feeling is kind of nostalgic…)

When I was at Gran Swordsmanship Academy, it was always like this.

Everyone hated me.