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And, ordinarily, it’s really strange that Amano-kun and I still talk now and then. In the end, I also refused his invitation to the Gamers Hobby Club, so we’re not really related in any way. Even then, we still went on a walk for some reason.

Also, I know that I’m more or less a special person here. It’s just a fact; I’m not trying to brag.

“(Since Amano-kun is a timid person… talking with someone like me is a definite no…)”

It’s not like he’s being excessively self-conscious. It’s a fact that I stand out. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of… but I wonder. Is that also suspicious? At the very least, I thought that Amano-kun would naturally join the Gamers Club because I invited him, but maybe that was being too haughty.

“(I’m… probably an annoying person to him.)”

I’m confident in my abilities. I’m also aware of the effort I put in. I think my popularity and my reliability have to do with my effort and my ability.

But honestly, I think it’s questionable if I’m a “charming person”.

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“(At least… Amano-kun probably doesn’t trust me.)”

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The way he acts with me is clearly different than how he interacts with Uehara-kun and Hoshinomori-san.

He’s always flustered whenever he talks with me… and always… looks uncomfortable… and, only talks clearly to say that his opinions differ from mine.

“(That’s… no matter how you put it, our relationship is bad.)”

Passing by class D, I let out a small sigh, trying not to let others see it.

Feeling a tiny bit depressed… in the next moment, I looked to the front and let out my fighting spirit.

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“(Hold on, Tendo Karen! Even if you encounter a bad situation, at least you can make it through by behaving like your usual self!)”

The girl known as Tendo Karen is resilient in the most crucial moments. No matter how much I may waver, in important moments, I can conduct myself with firm resolve, as if I was confident from the very beginning.

Passing by class E, I warned myself.

“(Under these circumstances, you have to prepare yourself, Tendo Karen! You have to respond honestly and truthfully!)”