Make money on the Internet is harmful

Make money on the Internet is harmful

『You let it gooooooooooo!!』

At that moment, even though he couldn’t touch me, Tre’ainar struck me with his arm penetrating my head.

“Well, because...”

『Because nothing! What was that? Being kind?! Are you aware that tis the ultimate hypocrisy to show such half-hearted welfare to animals, even though you are not a vegetarian?』

“...... I-I know....”

『You know not! Are you sure? Tis natural in the animal kingdom to be caught by the strong and become sustenance. Survival of the fittest, such is the way, is it not?』

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『War is the same, is it not? That is how the human race won the right to survive.』

No, yes. I know.

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But I just... Family...... if it gets caught and I noticed......

『Dear me... with this, I worry for the future...... in the end, all you could yield were mare mushrooms .... Uh!』

It was then.


Tre’ainar, who was preaching to me, suddenly glanced deep into the forest with a scary face.

I’m trying to guess what’s going on, but I still don’t know.