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"I-If something incredible is displayed here, you'll let me copy it afterward right.....".

"You guys, wait a minute. First of all, I have to confirm it, because you guys have no right to see Suzune's naked body".

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"Calm down, both of you. Here we all need to get along. Guhehehehe".

It seems they're no longer even considering me, because they were impatiently waiting for the computer to turn on.

Since it was a tiring day in various ways, I sat down on my bed just like that.

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"If you'll give it back to me after checking the contents that'll be a great help".

"What're you getting at, Ayanokouji, acting all mature on your own. You also want to see right?".

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"If you're going to turn back, I feel like now's the time".

"Ahh, I see. If you're going to act like a good boy and all, don't even think about looking alright? More like, I won't be showing it to you".

Standing in front of the computer screen, Ike spread out both his hands as though he were blocking the view.

"There's no bastard who's not interested in a woman's naked body. Be honest".

From Sudou, who was already relaxing as though it were his own home, words like that came at me, but I don't feel the need to see a girl's naked body that desperately. At the very least, I don't feel like it was worth risking expulsion over.

"Nuwaa!? Why, why, why is nothing showing up!!!".

Upon reading the mini card that they thought was borrowed from Professor, there was no data at all inside. In other words, the recording from the radio controlled car never functioned properly in the first place.

"N-Nothing. The data......".

"There's no way that can be true, right? I-I mean, we properly managed to record it right? Right?".