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"No, I really don't mind".

"Hey Yousuke-kun, I'm curious about these two as well so wouldn't a double date be good?".

For some reason, Karuizawa said something like that.

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"Double date?".

Hirata and I shared a glance at the unexpected proposal.

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"That's right, me and Hirata-kun. And Satou-san and Ayanokouji-kun will be having a date together. Doesn't it sound interesting? I thought it's not too bad for the four of us to have a date once in a while like this".

If we had set this up beforehand it would be a different matter, but on this day, at this stage, proposing a double date would inevitably leave me bewildered. Even the plan for the day I had set up would be massively changed, if not collapse outright. It's not that simple to keep those together.

From Hirata's expression, too, I could see that he shared my concerns. On the other hand, towards that sudden proposal, Satou did not show any sign of being surprised.

"But won't that be difficult? I think the two of you might have different plans too".

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Hirata gently told her of that fact but it didn't seem to have any effect on Karuizawa.

"Satou-san also told me it seemed interesting, right?".

"Yep, it seems interesting".

It seems that the two of them have already had a long, drawn-out talk earlier about the double date. But regardless of which one proposed the idea, this is a slightly aggressive idea.

"How about we save it for next time? I think it would be better to spend the day separately for today. If we're going to be having a double date, it would be better to have one after we've prepared appropriately, that way there should be no problems too".

A natural concern, or more like fear came from Hirata like that.

"That might be true but doesn't the fact that we don't know what might happen also sound interesting?".

Karuizawa already seems to be set on the double date as she replies like that tensely. Unlike the two of us who felt uneasy about the lack of planning of it all, Karuizawa already seems to be finding excitement in the as-of-yet unforeseen developments to come. Perhaps it's because her date with Hirata itself was like routine to her that she's seeking stimulation in this? I think I might have been able to honestly accept it if this had been an incident taking place completely unrelated to me, but I wonder now. If I, who knows everything about Karuizawa, were to take action alongside her, whether we'd be able to enjoy the uncertain situation awaiting us, is something that remains questionable.

But even so, other than that I still can't think of a reason she would propose a double date.