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『Dullard, do not speak to me aloud!』

“Mmm, it’s fine~ … I wanna talk more~…… I won the championship, praise me more.”

And, please praise me more master~. I reeaaly did my beeest.

『Ah~, you persevered you did your best…』

“More~, umm, I…… don’t tell anyone, kay? Actually, I the happiest when you praise me.”

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『Fah!? Ah … ga … m… mo, moron! Y, your sudden declaration brings me no joy! Or rather, tis why you should cease addressing me this instance!』

Uh~, why you fuming~? Tre’ainar.

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I like talking with Tre’ainar~…

“Wa, waitaminit, this is seriously bad! He’s suddenly talking to himself…”

“Ah… you’re hallucinating…”

“Somebody, water. Bring water!”


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“Ah~, jeez, look, big brother! Water! Drink it down!”

Water~? Oh~, Karui has water~, gulp gulp ~, ah~ good… so good……