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The first two days that he had arrived, Huang Sibo felt a little lost.

However, it did not take long before he found the motivation to fight on and forge ahead.

Those two days were all it took for him to adapt to the life there and fill his future with hope.

For some reason, he had always felt that he was a loser in life in the past and could not get any drive at all.

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However, as he looked at the plants at the window aisle and the scenery outside, he felt as though he could continue fighting for another 500 years!

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“Everyone, please stop everything you’re doing. I have something to announce.”

Pei Qian came to the working area and declared jubilantly.

Everyone looked at him together.

Clearing his throat, he continued, “After some preparation, I’m sure most of you are already in working mode. That’s great.”

“Next up, we’re going to enter the development phase officially which would be extremely intense. I hope that everyone will be able to work hard together to create a great game!”

“Starting tomorrow, we’ll start work officially!”

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The moment Pei Qian ended his sentence, Xin Hailu had already started leading with claps.

Stunned for a moment, the others followed suit and clapped thereafter.

Huang Sibo was the most enthusiastic in clapping.

He had waited for such a long time! Finally, it was arriving!

They were about to reach the most intense development phase!

‘Come on, 9961! Whip me!’

Huang Sibo was extremely negative towards 996 and that was especially the case back in his previous company.