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In the evening, one each of Tengda’s seven-seater cars and ordinary cars arrived at Ming Yun Private Kitchen.

Xia Jiang alighted from the car, looking pale and unwell.

The people behind her looked unwell, too. One of the burly men in the camera crew was walking unsteadily. He looked quite weak as if he had just vomited.

It was obvious that most of them were not adjusting well to extreme activities.

Just thinking about the memorable experience she had at Jingzhou’s amusement park, Xin Tiandi, made Xia Jiang feel uncomfortable.

The rollercoasters, drop towers, pendulum rides, and the haunted house…

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Xia Jiang had no idea how she endured them all. Even now, her legs felt weak.

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Pei Qian was already waiting for them at the entrance of Ming Yun Private Kitchen. When he saw how downcast all of them looked, he could not help but smile with joy from the heart.

Hehe, a point back to Tengda!

I’ll see if you dare to stab me in the back again!

Satisfied, Pei Qian began to wonder if the official platform would send any more people over, now that he had driven all of these reporters crazy from soup to nuts.

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“How are you, Chief Editor Xia? Did you all have a good time today?” Pei Qian displayed a warm, genuine smile.

Xia Jiang forced a smile and answered, “Yes…”

Pei Qian nodded, pleased. “That’s great! Have a good meal and sleep well tonight. I’ve arranged for all of you to go skydiving tomorrow. It’ll be very fun; you can’t miss it!”

Xia Jiang was speechless.