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“It’s fine. I should’ve chosen my words more carefully as well.”

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With the help of Kushida Kikyou, the fight was resolved in an orderly way.

I took out my phone and took a picture of the class points. Noticing my actions, Horikita looked at me with a curious expression.

“What are you doing?”

“I haven’t been able to figure out the specifics behind the points yet. Haven’t you also taken some notes?”

If I can figure out the exact number of point deductions from being late to and talking in class, we can probably come up with some counter-measures.

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“Wouldn’t it be hard to calculate the numbers with this little information? Also, even if you managed to figure something, I don’t think it will help resolve this problem. Simply speaking, everyone is always late and talks way too much during class.”

As Horikita said, it’s hard to come up with a conclusion with the amount of information at hand. She seems to be strangely impatient; her usual calm attitude seems to be missing.

“Are you also at this school to get into college?”

“… Why are you asking that?”

“It’s just that when she talked about the difference between class A and class D, you looked really shocked.”

“That was more or less everyone’s reaction in the class, no? Even though we were given an explanation on the first day of school, I can’t understand this new development.”

Well, that’s reasonable. The people in classes B and C are probably grumbling in discontent just like us. Every other class other than class A is treated as leftovers by the school. Trying our hardest to increase our class rank seems to be the best course of action here.

“I think that before thinking about class A or class D, we should probably work to guarantee some points.”

“Points are only a byproduct of our efforts in class. Not having any points won’t hinder our school life. After all, this school provides everything for free at some capacity.”

Even if you think that, this is relief for those who lost all their points.

“Won’t hinder our school life, huh…”

It’s not an issue for living on bare minimum. However, there are a lot of things that can only be obtained by points. For example, leisure and entertainment. Not having any means of entertainment will probably only hurt us in the future…

“Last month, how many points did you use Ayanokouji-kun?”