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“Let’s end this for once. We still have time so there’s no need to decide things in a hurry.”

As if those words made her a little calmer, Shinohara silently withdrawn. Shortly afterwards, Hirata went to Ms. Chabashira to apply for a provisional toilet.

Without containing the anger towards Shinohara’s words and deeds, Ike left the situation behind biting his lips in frustration all the way.

“Crap, what’s wrong with Shinohara? It’s not only that she doesn’t work hard.”

Annoyingly, Ike picked up a pebble and threw it to drain in the river.

The stone kicked water surface five-six times and jumped to the other side of the shore without difficulty. For something picked by chance, it had a beautiful form. It wouldn’t have worked so well, if he only learned to do it by watching others.

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“Are you unexpectedly good at outdoor stuff perhaps?”

“Huh? Ah – no, it’s not like that. I was just often camping with my family when I was little. There’s no danger in drinking river water. I’d know if the water is clean and hygienic.”

Rather than being boastful, he really spoke as if it’s a natural thing.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you came forward with your camping experience from the beginning? If you had gained people’s trust I think you could have carried it a little better.”

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It wasn’t acceptable to just act as one pleases without any explanation, even if you had abilities. Not to mention that wasn’t something to be clearly understood unlike the test score.

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“If I did boy scouting, I could brag about it. Having just a camping experience isn’t something to boast about. Even if I said something, it would be in vain anyway.”

Somehow, he looked discouraged by the girls’ harsh criticism. Judging from Ike, whose usual thoughts were about being well liked by girls only, it was natural for him to be dissatisfied. However, it seems like the situation would have been be really different if he’d only change manners a little.

To only slightly see Ike and Hirata cooperating and leading the class would feel precious.