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But Yamauchi was rather positive about it on the contrary.

“Bumping into a transfer student with toast in her mouth on a street corner and falling in love… You ever heard about that sort of plot?”

“Eh? Toast…? Street corner?”

Unable to understand what he’s talking about, Horikita wrinkled her brow.

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To be fair, if you’re only listening to Yamauchi’s remarks then it wouldn’t make any sense. But after seeing Yamauchi collide with Sakayanagi back at the training camp I can tell he’s talking about that incident.

“I’m going because Sakayanagi-chan is waiting for me.”

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Not even hearing or heeding Horikita’s warning, Yamauchi walked off. Yamauchi did not even make an attempt to believe her.

“I am indeed this class’s lethal weapon. But that is exactly why it’s okay. On the off chance anything happens, I’ll take care of it.”

I’d like to hear in detail his countermeasure for taking care of it.

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In all likelihood, he hasn’t even given it any thought.

“…I get it. If you say you’re going then I don’t have any right to stop you. Just don’t carelessly let anything about the class’s internal affairs slip out.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am well aware of that.”

After saying that, Yamauchi gave a cheeky laugh and left the classroom. A portion of the students, which includes Ike, hurriedly followed Yamauchi.

“We should go too.”

The one who said that to me was Haruka. Apparently, she had also said the same to Keisei and Airi because the two of them are tagging along with her.

Since I don’t really have a reason to decline, I gave a light nod and stood up. When we stepped out into the corridor, we immediately spotted a few boys there including Ike.

“Ahh, stop stop. This way, this way!”

When we tried to pass through, the Professor noticed and stopped us.

“The two of them are talking over there right now.”