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What team can make money online?

“Professional game controller. It’s for the latest console that was just released.”

Tendou-san answered calmly. Aguri-san immediately started bickering with her tearfully.

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“But, I don’t even have that console!”

“It’s okay. Uh, please just enjoy the feeling of holding a controller made for your hands.”

“I can’t! You’re way too biased! Can’t I just exchange this with someone else!?”


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After Tendou-san fell speechless, everyone’s suddenly immersed in anxiety.

Indeed, …if we just exchange the gifts as Aguri-san said, everyone will be better off. While everyone will be happier, …this way…

(We’ll definitely fight over who’s getting who’s presents!)

This is something that we absolutely understand too. In the end, the festive Christmas party will be entirely over.

If that’s the case, …there’s only one conclusion.


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Suddenly, including Aguri-san, everyone reached the same conclusion.

We looked at each other before nodding at the same time.