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There were already people posting about the hidden weapon on the forum. This was definitely a huge discovery!

Many design teams would usually create hidden story plots, hidden weapons, Easter eggs, and other surprises in the game because of various reasons. A large part of it was to bring surprises to the players or to add on to the existing world view and story plots in the game.

Amongst the various types of surprise elements, hidden weapons were definitely the most discussed topic.

That was because most surprise elements would not affect the gameplay within the game. It was also not difficult to discover them. As long as there were sufficient players, those surprise elements would be quickly discovered.

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However, Pudu was different. It was a hidden weapon that had insane stats. It changed the players’ gaming experience entirely!

Moreover, the weapon was very well-hidden. That attracted even more discussion about it.

Very soon, the post went viral on the forum. Players all reposted it and news spread in no time!

Meanwhile, Pei Qian was staring at the refund rate of the game. He was rooting for the fake reviewers that he had just paid for.

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One of the posts gained his liking. He had almost wanted to give that fake reviewer extra money for the post.

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The title of the post was: Do Not Fall for the Developer’s Trap. You Must Opt for a Refund!

“The design team had a deep understanding of what the players think. They lengthened the refund allowance period intentionally. On the surface, it seems as though they are righteous; but in reality, this is a complete scam!

“Extending the refund allowance period naturally results in the gaming duration for many players to extend as well. That was in a way forcing you to familiarize yourself with the torturous experience in the game!

“When the game reaches its refund allowance period, there will be a few sentences in the notice to disgust you… and the epitaph that always reappears… the purpose of all of that was to use reverse psychology on the players!

“Once you fall for the reverse psychology, you will fall for their trap! If you do not want to refund the game, you have fallen for the design team’s trap!

“Think about it. Because of the moment of impulse, you will waste a hundred yuan. Why would you want to do that? You can use that one hundred yuan for something else. Why do you want to pay for a torturous gaming experience?