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That's why I indifferently responded to Ibuki's question.

"Don't 'maybe' me".

Ibuki refused to let go of my arm.

"You wanted me to drop out, no? If so, isn't this just perfect?".

"I cooperated because you said you'd get us all to Class A. And yet this is how it's going to end?".

I had intended on taking my time but Ibuki really made herself at home waiting for me.

Looks like she still hasn't said her piece because she's still going on and on.

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"I tolerated your domineering attitude and actions so far because I believed we shared the same goal. The other day, even when you didn't give us an explanation regarding the penalty for Class C, no one complained. Because they all believed that in the end, we'd rise to Class A. But you're just going to drop out here? That's way too lame".

She stopped to take a breath, and then added.

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"Is there anything more pathetic than this?".

"How long do you intend to keep intrepreting this in your favor, Ibuki?".

I stopped walking.