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“The two teams will each elect a captain who would be responsible for giving directions and summarizing and replaying after each game. “Leave the professional things to the professionals. All of you reached the top of the charts based on your own talent. As long as you seriously delve deep into the game, you would have a better understanding of it than most of the coaches in the industry.”

Zhang Yuan exchanged looks with the internet addicts.

Would that do?

For some reason, they felt like they were being hoodwinked. However, Boss Pei seemed resolute. At that moment, they could not find any good retort.

Pei Qian looked very satisfied. “Good. If you have no objections, we’ll do that. Get along well with one another. If you run into any problems... Zhang Yuan, you and Coach Yaling can talk it out. Farewell!”

Now that everything had been settled, Pei Qian prepared to leave.

Zhang Yuan quickly stopped him. “Boss Pei, hold on!

“Hehe, I think this training method isn’t impossible. We can try it out for a while and see its results. However, before that, should we confirm the training schedule?

“Coach Yaling and I would have our own views for sure. If we reach a deadlock, we would still need you to make the final call, Boss Pei.”

Coach Yaling expressed her agreement.

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She could also tell that she had fallen for Boss Pei’s trick this time. However, she had no intention to reject this job. After all, accepting an arrangement like that did not seem that bad.

The internet addicts looked like they were severely lacking in training. Since Boss Pei wanted them to build muscles, it still fell within Li Yaling’s job scope.

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In any case, whether she was working in the gym or here, she would still be teaching students. Her working conditions were even better now. Why would she turn this job down?

Still, it all depended on whether she could distribute the work with Captain Zhang well and clearly enough or not.

Otherwise, they could point the team in opposite directions. Zhang Yuan could prioritize training hand speed while Li Yaling could prioritize building muscles. Who should the team listen to then?

Thus, Zhang Yuan and Li Yaling achieved a common understanding at the start: they could try out this training method, but Boss Pei had to help them set clear boundaries for their roles and responsibilities and lay out the daily training schedule. Pei Qian had wanted to lie his way out of that; it would be best if both of them clashed. However, since both had laid out their requests so clearly, it became inappropriate for Pei Qian to leave just like that. Thus, he reluctantly nodded. “Alright, let’s find a place to come up with the daily training schedule.”

Zhang Yuan waved his hand at the contestants. “Play your own solo games to train.”