Family women's fastest way

Family women's fastest way

She is the sole survivor of an orphanage that Rain used to run, and also his adopted child.

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A few years ago, she suffered from the curse of rain after being attacked by a monster.

It is a fearsome curse where you can only live in a place where it is raining.

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Rain created endless rain in the Sunny Land of Dagrio to protect her.

(It’s not the right thing to do, but…)

He was moving under his own justice, with pain in his heart.

「Now that you mention it… How’s Serena doing?」

I’ve been concerned about her ever since that incident.

「She’s now going to an orphanage in Orest under Clown’s care. I also get to see her several times a month. Look, she brings me letters like this!」

Rain said, and took a number of letters out of the desk drawer.

He looked genuinely happy, as though the evil possessing him was no more.

「I see. That’s good.」

「It’s all thanks to Allen. I can never thank you enough. Truly, I thank you.」he said, and bowed deeply.

「Aa, don’t worry about it.」