Playing fish game download on online

Playing fish game download on online

They're something that's already overcome by the time you notice.

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If you just keep overthinking it then you'll lose sight of your bearings and fall.

"Hey, Ichinose-san. Have you ever had a boyfriend before?".

A girl from Class A slammed that question into me.

"No........embarrassingly enough I don't have any experience when it comes to romance".

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"I see. Even though you look like you'd be super popular, could it be that you're the high standards type?".

"I don't believe I am......but I wonder".

"Alright then, are there any boys you're interested in right now?".


Suddenly being asked something like that, I couldn't help but panic.

"You know, there are rumors that you've been seen alone together with Nagumo-senpai, quite often too........".

Certainly, ever since I joined the student council, I've been taking action alongside President Nagumo quite a lot.