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There were still endless criticisms about the IOI World Competition’s crushing defeat on the various forums. There was still no sign of stopping after an entire day. It was enough to show how angry players were.

However, to Pei Qian’s surprise, there seemed to be a subtle change in public opinion!

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It was obvious from the title of some popular posts in the forum.

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In a post titled “Domestic eSports began late, has a weak foundation, and has to continue working hard”, the original post explained in detail the objective reasons for IOI’s loss in the international competition.

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For example, the IOI branches of the various clubs had basically been attacked by GOG, and their personnel had been replaced. At the same time, many players found it difficult to maintain their state because of a lack of mock competitions, and so on.

Similar problems existed objectively there were always tons of them.

However, that was not the main point.

Someone in the post refuted the viewpoint of the post. “Why does IOI represent domestic eSports? GOG’s international invitational tournament had only been held a few months ago but hasn’t it just beaten foreign teams? Why doesn’t GOG have this problem?”

In the end, this reply was exactly what the poster wanted.

“What’s the point of discussing results in a game that only our countrymen are playing and has a low reputation in the world? At the moment, IOI is being played overseas, and the foreign clubs are mainly playing IOI. What does GOG’s dominance mean?”

Someone immediately refuted, saying that the veteran foreign clubs also had GOG branches. They had all participated in GOG’s international invitational tournament, but they could not win. Otherwise, why did they not come and take the prize money?

However, the original poster still had something to say.

“These veteran clubs established the GOG branch only because Tengda gave them money. It’s said that they gave them a high sponsorship fee, and they played with you on account of money. To put it bluntly, GOG’s invitational tournament is to pay foreign teams to play as punching bags to satisfy the vanity of the countrymen. You don’t really think that this is the true level of competition for domestic and foreign teams, do you?”

Both sides argued and argued.

Obviously, the original poster’s argument was deceiving many people who did not know the truth. In addition, the fake reviewers added fuel to the fire. The debate between the two sides was very intense.

There were also many gamers who painstakingly explained that GOG had a high market share overseas. It was not much different from IOI, but the results were minimal.

That was because IOI’s loyal gamers and fake reviewers were not there for rational discussion. No matter what GOG’s gamers rebuked, they only kept on spamming comments such as’ entertaining themselves’ and ‘spending money to do their bidding’.