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It is the most stable online using 啥

It could be pretty tough.

But, strangely enough, I just felt like I would do anything.

And the new theme that Tre’ainar imposed was...

『Tis the development of a Special Technique.』

“...... wh... what?”

I was dumbfounded by a slightly unexpected proposal.

『Great Demon Flicker, Great Demon Smash, Great Demon Corkscrew, the Counter Punches, the Breakthrough, the Great Demon Spiral are all techniques. However, they are originally my techniques. To put it abominably, you are simply using my skill as you are told. Well, tis still not a demerit yet...』

“A, as I’m told... tte...... but now...”

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『Tis why you need to look to the future and create one. Whether or not it can be used in three months, it shall your own original technique... devise your Signature Move.』

My Signature Move. I feel it’s been a long time since I heard that.

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『And in the development of this Signature Move... tis up to you to decide what sort of special move to create.』

“Wow?! Eh ... eh!?”

And while proposing it himself, Tre’ainar declared a hands-off policy.

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I couldn’t help being puzzled by this.

『Well, you may seek my consultation. But from now on, while doing the same training as before, and while leading those pathetic men of the Wizarding School, come up with the image of your Special Technique in a corner of your mind. Imagine what you can do and what suits you. Then, create something you may claim as your own, something to be burned into the eyes those dullards, something that will leave the world breathless!』