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(Yeah, I feel like today’s flow is really good.)

Then I headed to the gymnasium in a good mood.

Several teachers stood in front of the gymnasium, and were guiding the new students into the gymnasium.

I joined in with the line of people before me and entered the gymnasium.

There is something like a sheet laid out on the floor.

Inside the gymnasium, there were many simple ceremony chairs lined up.

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Apparently there seems to be no seat assignment, and the teachers are organizing the new students saying, 「Seat in order from the front.」

I walked along the flow of people and sat down in the middle of the front row.

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Since I was at the very front, I could see the stage of the gymnasium clearly.

An advantageous seating position.

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I then patiently waited for the entrance ceremony to start.

Then, an advanced-aged teacher climbed onto the stage and started testing the microphone.

The entrance ceremony seemed to begin at last.

The aged man who climbed onto the stage, looked to be the vice-principal, stating that the ceremony will proceed with a simple opening speech.

「And… next is the ceremonial address from the president. – Thank you, President.」

Then a female teacher started walking to the center of the stage.

「Good morning everyone. My name is Leia Lasnode, and I am the president of this academy. Pleased to make your acquaintance from here on out.」

Leia bowed in a beautiful posture. She was an extremely beautiful young woman.