How to write novels online 2019

How to write novels online 2019

After I made up my mind, I explained and apologized to Chiaki.

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“Sorry, Chiaki. Well, we, …no, I want to go on a date with Tendou-san alone sometimes. But, when you think about it, there aren’t that many dating spots here, right? We’ll basically bump into each other, right? That’s why…”

“Oh, I see. That’s why you chose a place where everyone in the Hobby Club will avoid, right. I can understand, even though I don’t know how I should feel about this.”

Chiaki understood. Uehara-kun carefully added as well.

“I’m sorry, Hoshinomori. We, …no, I have the same motive as Amano.”

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“No, no, there’s no need to apologize. Ah, also, I only went there because Konoha had extra tickets. So…”

After hearing Chiaki’s explanation, I smiled and answered.

“Indeed, Chiaki has no reason to avoid < Viva Spiel Kingdom >.”

“Well, u-uh…”

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For some reason, Chiaki looked away embarrassedly. …Hmm? I mean, Chiaki didn’t see her lover kissing someone else, right…? …Oh, I see. Chiaki already, uh, fell in love with me…


Chiaki and I blushed slightly. At the next moment, Tendou-san cast her ultimate explosive cough.

Our bodies trembled. Aguri-san reached out to me and changed the topic.

“B-By the way, did everyone see it? That day’s fireworks were amazing. Hiya, it was romantic to watch the fireworks on the Ferris wheel with your lover.”