Sell in the Internet to make money

Sell in the Internet to make money

Allowing one incomplete project to span two cycles, thus giving Pei Qian an additional way to spend huge sums of money...

Pei Qian wondered what the System’s reward would be this time.

<Mysterious Reward: A one-time Special Task for the cycle.>

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<Claim the reward once the next cycle begins.>

The system screen continued to flash.

<Next Settlement: Six months later.>

<System Funds will be topped up. Target amount: 20,000,000.>

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<Topping up 16,230,000...>

<System Funds topping up completed.>

<System Funds: 20,000,000+860,000> <Fixed Assets: A semi-commercial villa at Ming Yun Villas (8,610,000)>

<Personal Wealth: 920,000>

<Special Task for this cycle: There’s no end to learning. No matter how smoothly things go, true business geniuses would never give up learning. The owner can use a portion of the system sums to invest in himself and acquire new knowledge.

<The most that the owner can spend would be eight percent of the starting sum. After the course, the owner may choose to freely deduct or add a fixed sum to the System Funds. The fixed sum would be equal to eight times the investment amount.>