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"I'm not looking for trouble either. That's why let's settle it with---".


Suddenly, Ryuuen-kun burst out in laughter again.

"You really are an entertaining woman. I said so at the very start, didn't I? That the contents of our discussion are, at most, fictitious. I was only humoring your persecution complex. I only imagined the made up story you onesidedly crafted inside your head".

"Even so, is there even a way to ascertain whether or not that delusion is real? I could delete only the part where you said it's a delusion and edit the recording, you know?".

If the first half of it gets cut out, there's no way to ascertain if it's a lie or not.

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"Of course, in that case, I'll just have to hand in the original. No problem".

Laughing fearlessly, Ryuuen retrieved his phone from his pocket.

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"Do you know what this is? The full recording......no, it's visual footage".

He said so as he pointed the camera on the back of the phone at me. Insurance that's more reliable than audio.

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It means Ryuuen-kun's already assumed I'd attempt a final gambit.

It means things won't go that easily....is what it is.

If I submitted the audio data to the school with the inconvenient first half of it cut out then there'll be an investigation.

And Ryuuen-kun and the others would be under suspicion.

But it's impossible to declare them guilty with just that.

If I tried to pass off his words, which he spoke on the premise that it's a delusion, as truth then I'd be condemned for it.

"Do you admit it, Suzune? The reality of your utter defeat, that is".