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「But, I was just warming up. The next attack will be 3 times faster than the last. You won’t get lucky like just now.」

「No, what are you sayin-」

As soon as I posed my question,

「Rain Style Secret Technique ー Passing Shower!」

Dodriel stuck out his sword straight, and charged at me again.

It’s not a consecutive attack as before, but a one-point concentrated thrust.

(……Did he become slightly faster?)

It was a one-strike attack which was still at the level of a child’s play like before.

What bothered me most was, Dodriel’s one-strike thrust had left him completely defenceless.

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As though provoking me with 「Cut me」.

(Damnit…… just how much more is he going to humiliate me…!)

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I got tired of the repeated provokes, and swung my sword at him.

「Be serious!」