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Online saying WeChat make money

He had also mentioned he wanted to produce a large number of stocks. He would spend a lot of money to build up an excess of stocks, which Pei Qian guessed would not all be sold. Once they came up with new products, the excess stocks would have to be sold at extremely low prices. That meant another chance to incur losses!

After listening to Boss Pei’s explanation, Zhang Yuan could not help but raise his thumb. “Boss Pei, you are far-sighted indeed, and you make such bold moves!

“However, I have a minor suggestion.

“1024 is Programmer’s Day, but if we run a promotional event for that reason, it might not be as effective. After all, we are trying to target everyone… and not just programmers.

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“Why don’t we call it ‘1024 Digital Day’? That would expand our audience and make it easier for us to advertise the promotion.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, that works!”

He didn’t think that referring to October 24th as Programmer’s Day was appropriate either.

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At first, he was only going to run promotions for take-out and delivery services. Referring to such an event as Programmer’s Day sounded far-fetched.

Now, the event would include take-out, logistics, and computer-installation services. Calling it 1024 Digital Day would be more memorable.

More people in Jingzhou would take note of it, and Pei Qian would incur more losses.

In addition to the manpower costs Pei Qian would incur during this period, he could be assured that he would be spending a huge sum of money.

Zhang Yuan was becoming very excited and highly motivated.