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Qiu Hong had been conflicted about this interview.

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That was because he knew that he was just a tool. In fact, the entire ‘Destitution Plan’, from the concept to the funding, was all Boss Pei’s idea. Qiu Hong was just an executor.

Qiu Hong felt very bad for taking credit from Boss Pei.

However, the official interview was a very good opportunity after all. This interview manuscript could increase the exposure of the incubation base and Black Ink and Clouds. If he rejected it, it would be equivalent to denying the official face and giving up on these exposure. He would lose a lot.

Therefore, Qiu Hong agreed to the interview in the end.

On one hand, he had to keep Boss Pei a secret. On the other hand, he could not be greedy and take all the credit. This interview was a very serious challenge for Qiu Hong.

However, Qiu Hong felt that he could complete this challenge. In any case, he just had to insist that the ‘Destitution Plan’ was supported by a mysterious person.

The official platform’s interview team arrived at the incubation base on time in the afternoon.

There were a total of five people in the interview team this time. The editor-in-chief leading the team was Xia Jiang. There was also an intern editor, a photographer, a cameraman and a business partner in the team.

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It was not the highest standard interview team but this standard was not bad. It could be seen that the official platform attached more importance to this interview.

Xia Jiang was also a more experienced reporter on the official side. She had previously been in charge of an exclusive interview with Tengda Corporation. The effect was very good.

The ’empty spaces’ technique’ style of interview revealed Boss Pei’s character through interviews with the other core employees of Tengda even though they did not directly interview Boss Pei. It was still key information used by many players to understand Boss Pei.

Xia Jiang had also become famous because of that interview. Her career had been smooth sailing.

“Chief Editor Xia, hello, hello.”

Qiu Hong welcomed them warmly.