17 years old how to make money online

17 years old how to make money online

“Boss Ma wouldn’t be advertising for Boss Chang out of friendship, right? Don’t, the live-stream would be different! Tengda’s products might be good but there’s no need for Boss Ma to advertise for them personally!”

“Boss Ma, you’re a little late with this live commerce. I’ve already bought the smart bickering machine!”

The audience was confused.

Ma Yang was completely unmoved. He continued to follow the written introduction.

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After all, he had done so many live-streams and evaluated so many things. He had seen all sorts of storms. The only difference was that this time, he had one of his own products.

“The few speakers that I am going to introduce today are all items that can be purchased based on your economic conditions. You wouldn’t be scammed too much even if you were scammed.”

“The first one is an imported echo wall that costs 5,500 yuan. Its specifications is... the second one...”

“As for the Bickering Machine, while it sells for more than two thousand yuan, its various specifications are about the same as a two thousand yuan locally produced sound system...”

Ma Yang followed the proposal that Chen Yufeng had written and introduced all the speakers.

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Ma Yang’s live-stream style was to set the tone for this product from his opening speech: those products that did not meet the standards of quality and environmental protection would be “introduction to a few products that must not be bought”. On the other hand, if they were products that were of quality, cost-effective ratio, and relatively popular, the opening line would be “purchase based on economic conditions”.

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However, no matter what kind of opening speech it was, he would introduce the detailed parameters of the product in every aspect, including its strengths and weaknesses.

What’s more, there would definitely not be words like ‘strongly recommended to purchase’. It did not matter whether the audience bought it or not since it had nothing to do with Ma Yang.

There were not many people in the audience who really understood the parameters of the sound systems. They could compare numbers at the very most. Therefore, most people were just listening in for this segment.

However, he could not miss out on this segment. If he did, he would look unprofessional.