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Thor was a short, slender girl in a black cloak.

Judging by the appearance, she seems to be a rowdy girl in her early teens.

Light pink hair, curled at the end.

The bangs are fastened with a simple hairpin and she had a wide forehead.

(That black cloak…. Is she from the Black Organization too…)

We’re already in this predicament with Zack alone, and now there is reinforcement…

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Honestly, this situation is hopeless.

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As I gritted my teeth and looked around to see if there was any way to overcome this difficult situation,

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「Oi, big oaf! We’re taking the princess and leaving immediately!」

Thor showed no fighting attitude and tried to work calmly.

「Wait, Wait! I’ve found a sparkling gem! It should be alright to play a little, right!? 」

「Idiot, give priority to the mission! According to our information, that『Black fist』is heading towards here at lightning speed. Take the princess and move quickly!」