Which is a reliable online

Which is a reliable online

Tomorrow is Beautiful was finally taken out of overseas cinemas yesterday. They had made 1.4 million US dollars in the box offices. However, Pei Qian saw no need to panic just yet, because overseas box offices took much longer to distribute profits than local ones. That would be a problem for the next cycle.

The film’s final results in the box offices had also been hotly debated online. The fans analyzed that there were multiple reasons behind it.

For example, there were the effect of the final post-credits scene in Tomorrow is Beautiful, how the Jury Award’s reputation could not be compared to the Palme d’Or no matter how good it was, how the film did badly in the beginning so that—no matter how high the row piece rate had become subsequently—the later performance was limited.

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In short, one could not say that the film was a hit at the box office. It still fell short of what many fans had hoped.

Still, no matter what, it had been a hit at the box offices. It had also done the best in overseas box offices in those couple of years. Especially considering its initial investment, the fact that Tomorrow is Beautiful had aired in local and overseas cinemas and was being streamed online was a huge win.

Thus, Lu Zhiyao, Zhang Zuting, and the others were taking the opportunity to gather in Jingzhou and celebrate.

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Of course, Pei Qian wondered if their real intention was to feast at the nameless restaurant. Why else would they have decided to be in Jingzhou on the 20th?

Zhang Zuting knew very well that Boss Pei had reserved the nameless restaurant on the 20th of every month.

By now, Pei Qian could not be bothered to deal with those people’s little schemes. It was just too bad that Thriller Hostel had not been completed yet. Otherwise, he would have sent the entire group of them there to play until they puked.

He needed to teach them that it would be alright if they had incurred losses and tried to get a meal out of Boss Pei; the latter would have welcomed them with open arms. However, they were trying to get a meal after generating a lot of profits. Sorry, but they would have to feel the hospitality that locals of Jingzhou show their guests!

On top of that, Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games had officially started competing in the esports arena.

Shang Yang Games had successfully persuaded several long-standing local esports clubs to form a team for IOI. They had also invited a few overseas clubs to take part in a competition in the city.

Of course, Tengda Games would not be left behind. A few esports clubs in the country had also agreed to form GOG teams.