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「Parting without even saying goodbye… I definitely can’t accept that, though…!」

「I am the president’s knight. I’ll even go to the depths of hell for her sake!」

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Everyone declared their resolve.

「All right then, let’s go!」

And we jumped into Dodriel’s spot.

Holy Ronelia Empire. At the residence of the noble, Numero Dolan.

A five-story mansion, which could be mistaken for a castle or a palace, befitting of the richest man in the Empire.

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An elegant white exterior wall, a blue roof tile with ambient atmosphere, and a round tower towering in the center. The garden was full of multicolored flowers in full bloom, and in the center stood a world-famous statue.

In a certain room of such a palatial residence, Sie Arcstria was feeling gloomy.


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Lying on her back in bed, she sighed, not knowing how many times she has heaved a sigh now.

「I never thought I’d ever marry a man like that.」

Naturally, she has heard of Numero’s infamy.

He seems to always have ten wives. And he manages them by numbering from『1』to『10』.

Tonight would be Number 5, tomorrow is Number 7, and the day after tomorrow is Number 8.

Sie is going to be assigned Number 10, which became vacant about a month ago.

It is said that the number of wives that Numero has married exceeds a hundred, and the number of women he has broken is said to have exceeded a thousand.

He is literally the worst man in the Empire.

「Aaaa… I always thought that a『Prince Charming』would come and take me away someday.」