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「Sorry, but we will have to take you to the Holy Knights Association.」

The moment a senior Holy Knight with handcuffs approached Sid-san.

The green boards that held him down, froze with every passing moment, and

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「Get this disgusting thing… away from me!」

It shattered along with Sid-san’s angry roar.


「It’s a high gravity quadruple restraint!」

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He thrust out the tip of〈Vanargand〉at the senior Holy Knights, who were surprised by the unexpected situation.

「Who the hell are you guys!? If you get in my way, I’ll kill you too!」


Sid-san forced the senior Holy Knights to step back in fear with a single glare, and turned his gaze towards Rahm-san laying right under his feet.


He reached for his fellow Phantom Academy students with a trembling hand, and chattering teeth.

However, due to the intense bloodlust emitted by Sid-san, they were petrified on the spot.

「Haa… You’re gonna have to die now…」