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My life was going smoothly, and there was already a paved road ahead for a life without failure.

However, my first miscalculation was after I entered this school. Only if I graduated from Class A would I be able to have my desired future higher education and employment opportunities.

In other words, graduating from Class B or below would have no value.

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Of course, I was pretty confident in my own abilities to secure the path towards my desired future.

But… graduating from Class B or below would prove to be an obstacle.

And it would be very likely that I would be labelled as “a student who has failed to graduate from Class A”, a label which would be a headache to deal with.

The large difference between the advantages and disadvantages of its impact in the future was a negative for me, who sought stability.

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The next miscalculation was not being assigned to Class A. Instead, I’ve been assigned to Class D. This meant that I carried a very heavy disadvantage with me.

I wasn’t very worried when I first entered the school. However, it was that negligence which led to my downfall.

Within a month, our class points got depleted, and we immediately sank to the bottom of the rankings.

“Thinking about this calmly… there was still a chance back then…?”

Yes. Although we were initially placed in Class D, the starting point was the same for all classes.

If we had understood the situation during the first month, then we should’ve been able to rise to the upper classes.

Although it may be a terrible start, after one year, the class points have also increased.

There was a time where we even reached Class C. It was still possible to aim for the upper classes…