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To confirm, I pressed up down left right on the directional pad. The Jellyfish moved according to my input commands.

I looked at the screen dumbfoundedly for a moment, but a smile returned to my face quickly, and I continued playing.

As I continued controlling the jellyfish and played the game… I muttered subconsciously:

“Really, just what kind of person… is ‘NOBE’...”

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And of course, I was aware that many people had different personality or remain anonymous.

But even so, I was still very interested in this person ‘NOBE’.


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“Hey Amano! That game made by ‘NOBE’ is incredibly nonsensical!”

On a certain morning, Uehara-kun who ran into the classroom didn’t go to his seat, and headed straight for me. The first thing he did was complain to me loudly.

I tried greeting him with a cool smile, but Uehara-kun didn’t even acknowledged me, and approached with a fierce attitude that made the other classmates cringe.

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“I trusted you because you recommended it! During the starting ‘mystery exploration’ segment, I was looking forward to it when I saw all the puzzles and foreshadowing!”

“Yes, the beginning is interesting.”

“That’s right! Not just that, when the super development happened midway and changed into a ‘fishing game’, I was shakened, but still played on patiently by telling myself ‘Well, Amano recommended it, so the story will be make sense in the latter half, and lead to a touching ending…’!”

“Woah. Uehara-kun, I think your personality of not giving up immediately is great.”

I tried soothing him with compliments, but it was not effective. Uehara-kun said with a trembling fist: “In the end… In the end…” He then slammed it onto my table with a bang, and roared with tears in his eyes:

“Why is the ending an arrogant bearded old man taking a picture with a huge black bass!? What the hell! What happened to the haunted mansion in the first half of the story!?”

“Ara~~ Isn’t that interesting?”

“What’s interesting about that!? Your taste is too weird! That is just a trash game!”

“Yup, probably.”