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“Yeah, I guess so. After all, Keita Amano helped me a lot in the past as well.”

Nina-senpai admitted quickly. For some reason, Kase-senpai’s glasses cracked again.

However, Nina-senpai continued with her carefree attitude.

“Well, even though I said that, I’m not interested enough to take part in your boring match.”


This girl has a strange character setting. In reality, there could be a timeline where Nina Oiso is seriously trying to win Keita Amano over. …I feel like it’s not impossible for her to deny other followers and deepens their relationship in a short time.

However, it seems that Nina-senpai’s just treating this as a casual conversation.

“Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.”

She pressed on without a single trace of passion.

“To put it simply, it’s the final battle where Tendou and Chiaki Hoshinomori are trying to win Keita Amano as the prize, right?”

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“W-What’s with that straightforward conclusion? W-Well, let’s forget whether it’s the final battle, but I think it’s similar…”

“Right. I can more or less understand when it’s put that way. Tendou, you’re at your last straw, right. After all, I have things that I must absolutely win over too.”

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“…Yeah, it feels like we’re in a competition, right.”