What can I make a long time to make money?

What can I make a long time to make money?

Meng Chang hesitated for a moment before squeezing out a smile. “Of course, that’s necessary.”

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He Desheng nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, I hope we can work well together!”

At the same time, Pei Qian was drinking coffee and yawning in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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He was still thinking about how he should spend the money from selling the GPL quota.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

It was Zhang Yuan.

“Boss Pei, the bosses of those three clubs have come personally. They hope to meet you.”

Pei Qian was stunned. “You mean the club owners who sold GOG’s branch?”

Zhang Yuan: “Yes. They are at DGE Club now. Do you have time to meet them?”

Pei Qian fell silent.

He definitely had time, and a lot of it.

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The key was what were the three bosses here for.

After some thought, Pei Qian asked, “Are they trying to break the contract?”

Zhang Yuan: “They don’t dare to break the contract. They’re probably here to admit defeat.”