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“Calm down, calm down. The demo isn’t meant to be a perfect version. It’s normal for there to be bugs in the demo. Boss Pei wouldn’t blame me. “As long as it can show the game’s basic functions, it’ll be good enough.

“That’s unless… there are so many bugs that he can’t even play the demo. “That isn’t likely, though. The testing team already ran the game once through. The serious bugs have already been fixed.

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“There are still some minor bugs in the demo, but I probably won’t be so unlucky. All of them wouldn’t appear, right?”

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Ye Zhizhou comforted himself before knocking the door and entering the office.

“Boss Pei, this is the game’s program. Please install it.”

Ye Zhizhou handed a portable hard drive to Pei Qian. Pei Qian took it and then installed the game’s demo onto his own computer. Then, he handed the controller to Ye Zhizhou.

Actually, Pei Qian still had no idea what kind of game this was.

That was because he had only given several general instructions to Shang Yang Games earlier. After that, he had left them to create the game on their own.

Thus, Pei Qian felt quite hopeful about the game’s demo. He had no idea what his instructions, which pointed to a dead-end, had led the team at Shang Yang Games to come up with.

Could Pei Qian see the demo for what it truly was under the influence of Tang Yishu’s halo effect?

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Pei Qian highly doubted that.

There was a blank screen, and then the game started. Pei Qian was quite surprised. It worked! No error popped up and the game didn’t crash!

The demo seemed quite good.

Ye Zhizhou had no inkling of his impending doom. He moved the joystick on the controller, operating the game and explaining it at the same time.

“We’ve completed the basics for the demo such as the movement of the characters, the use of surrounding props, and the like. Our main purpose was to show you the horror atmosphere and the overall style and see if they are to your liking.