Online guidance of lottery bets to make money is true and false

Online guidance of lottery bets to make money is true and false

He would write the proposal and record a portion of the content first. He would supplement the remaining content after the VR glasses arrived and try to publish it as soon as possible!

Of course, it would be too late for such a rushed video to introduce the game ‘Animal Island’ in detail.

Qiao Liang might have tried the game in advance and knew it very well but it would take a long time to record the materials and analyze the commentary systematically after all.

Thus, Qiao Liang decided to disassemble it into two videos.

The first short video would talk about Doubt VR itself, the publicity plan used by these glasses, and the true relationship between Slow Movement Studio and Tengda Corporation.

The second video talked about the outstanding VR game, “Animal Island” in detail.

The truth would definitely be revealed one after the other!

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In the evening...

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Meng Chang was still worrying about the last step of the “Pei Family’s publicity method” in his rented apartment.

He would probably not be able to sleep in peace if he did not understand this.

Meng Chang had a vague feeling that once he completely understood the “Pei Family’s publicity method”, he would definitely be able to get a lot of commission in the future. What awaited him would be an infinitely bright future!

However, he was stuck at this last step. It was very uncomfortable.

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Why did Boss Pei want him to do reverse publicity and teach him personally?

What was Boss Pei trying to achieve?

What benefit would that bring him?

Meng Chang could not figure it out no matter what.

He flipped through the latest comments online.

During the day today, the limit of the Doubt VR glasses had been completely removed. “Animal Island VR” has also been officially released. The evaluation of this pair of glasses was completely warming up.