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That Chiaki Hoshinomori who dared to kiss a few days ago disappeared utterly.

I returned…to my usual cowardness.

I trembled and burst into tears.


“THANK YOU! Let’s give it our best together, Chiaki-san!”

“Ah, you’re already pushing the plot without caring about me!? Y-You already decided the conclusion beforehand. …T-This is a trap!”

“Well, let’s start the training, Chiaki-san! Ah, of course, you’ll stay here for a couple days, okay?”


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-I learned something today.

No matter how much you want to atone for your sins, you never say, “I’ll do anything.” Absolutely not.

[I’m also proofreading all the chapters again to fix the mistakes, mostly with names and grammar.]

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Translator: your_pingas

Monday, after school, the week after that shocking kiss incident.

The family restaurant meeting between Aguri-san and me is going on as usual today.

“Hoshinocchi. She’s really a good child, just like Amanocchi.”

Aguri-san returned to her seat after mixing her drink at the bar. Then, she brought up an unbelievable topic.