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Pei Qian waved his hand. “That’s not appropriate.”

“The game genres that you are talking about would not be effective if the size is small. It would be difficult to support the equipment if the size is large.”

“After all, the equipment has not been developed yet. I’m not sure how high the resolution can be. Most of the games that you mentioned are realistic. They need more graphics to be effective.”

Lin Wan nodded, thinking that Boss Pei was right.

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This was especially true for interactive movie games. If the audience saw a bunch of mosaics, it would definitely severely affect the game experience.

“Then... Boss Pei, if the realistic style is not good, then we can only make it more cartoonish.”

“However, VR games don’t seem to match the cartoon style, right? What kind of games can they make?”

If the equipment was low in function and the graphics resolution was low, it would be more convenient to make cartoons. For example, the excellent “Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wilderness” made the graphics very exquisite when there was only 720P of Switch.

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What’s more, this style was very distinctive and could easily leave a deep impression on players.

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The only problem was that the genre of the game that he could choose was more limited. Of course, forcefully using this genre to create FPS games and interactive movie games was not entirely impossible. It would only be slightly worse and not in line with Boss Pei’s pursuit of perfection.

Pei Qian said, “To summarize, this game has to fit the following characteristics:

“We have to fully consider the relatively weak functions of the VR equipment at this stage. Thus, we have to adopt a cartoon style. At the same time, the capacity of the game should not be too large.”

“What’s more, considering that the VR equipment at the current stage could easily cause gamers to feel dizzy, the game’s perspective should not be changed too quickly. It would be best if it was smooth and focused on changing perspectives.”