How to write a comment on NBA money

How to write a comment on NBA money

“This is where we teach the Arcane True Zenith Style… Punching, kicking, throwing, grappling, and various physical techniques are taught to each student trying to learn… the ones teaching here are the disciples I personally trained during the past civil war.”

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“… Hmm? Your disciples?”

“That’s right. Once, I had received teachings of God, and I descended here with the Goddess and taught the Arcane True Zenith Style to those selected of the Revolutionary Army. Some fled due to its excessive harshness…”

Not only a High Priestess, but she also took apprentices and trained them herself…. somehow… she really is…

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『… The form always needs improvement… Surely, it looks like it’s done in its own way, but it lacks the power to resonate with the opponent’s core… Hmm, well, my hands are full with just the child, so I need not deal with them! …… Hmm? Hoh~, some of them are drinking raw eggs in a cup… Fuhahahahaha.』

Then, after taking another glance at this space, Tre’ainar made a smug face, saying, “I could train more disciples if I wanted”.

Or, I noticed by Tre’ainar’s words, but a guy taking a break had a raw egg… Oh, hey. What are you thinking, drinking raw eggs directly? [3]

『As usual… that one… is still naive…. yet to release the tiger’s eye…. still a long way to call it a tiger den.』

In what way…. Tre’ainar, I was confused when I saw the statue a while ago, but now there’s something else…. what’s a tiger’s eye or a tiger den?

“Incidentally, the third floor is the Magical Sparring Ground, where thou can engage in a mock battle. Thou could try thy skills with other disciples, sometimes with thy teachers……. Fufufu, how about it?”

Then she told me about the facilities and asked, “What do you think?” The High Priestess asked for my impressions.

To be honest, it was a dojo completely different from what I had imagined. In a good way.