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“What kind of attitude do you have towards the looks of cell phones? Do you agree that we should make our cell phones look like Pineapple’s?”

Chang You decisively denied this. “We must not allow that! A cell phone’s looks are an important part of its branding. We cannot allow our cell phones to model after others’. The cell phones that we design must be unique!”

Pei Qian asked, “What do you think about cell phone prices, then? Should we sell cheap cell phones?”

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After some thought, Chang You replied, “I think developing high-end models would truly display our tech company’s skills!” Once again, Pei Qian asked, “What are your thoughts about Shenhua being the representative of local cell phones?” Chang You proudly answered, “They’re doing well, but we will surpass them one day! Pei Qian could not help but hold up his thumb. “Very good! Those are my thoughts exactly!”

Pei Qian was extremely satisfied with Chang You. He perfectly matched Pei Qian’s expectations! Pei Qian already had a general plan as to what kind of cell phones to manufacture.

Up-and-coming cell phone brands would undoubtedly have the highest chance of success if they focused on their cell phones’ price-quality ratio. By minimizing profits, these brands could make their cell phones seem to have better price-quality ratios than that of other well-known manufacturers. That way, up-and-coming brands could dominate the mid- to low-end market.

In the next ten or so years, the local economy would keep developing. However, on the whole, some regions would develop faster than others. Naturally, people would continue to put a high emphasis on the price-quality ratio.

In other words, there would always be a market for good but cheap cell phones.

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Since Pei Qian’s aim was to cause his cell phone business to fail, he had to do the exact opposite. He could not focus on the low- to mid-end market… or on the price-quality ratio of his cell phones.

He had to look decisively to the high-end market!

At the moment, only three brands dominated the local high-end market: Pineapple, MSC, and Shenhua. What’s more, Shenhua only dared to price its flagship model at around five thousand yuan.

Other companies that tried to fight for a market share in the high-end market ended up failing completely. One could tell from the above that the most reliable way to fail would be to try and enter the high-end market!

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Chang You was obviously on the same page as Boss Pei as well!

Through this short conversation, Pei Qian also found out that Chang You was a little different from what he had imagined at first. Initially, Pei Qian had only thought that Chang You was one to aim too high. However, Pei Qian now knew that Chang You had a clear goal.

What’s more, after observing Vice President Chang for some time, Pei Qian realized that he had other merits.