There is a liar that makes money above

There is a liar that makes money above

Since employees were there to win as much as possible and Boss Pei wanted to distribute as much as possible, shouldn’t they do away with all the awkward programs?

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After some thought, Pei Qian said, “We can get rid of all the programs and games. Bring capsule machines and claw machines into the event location. Set up some stations for ring toss, boomerangs, or toy guns as well.

“Then, the entire place will be filled with recreational facilities, capsules, plush toys, and various figures.

“Each person will be given some tokens, which they can use to play the games.

“That’s right-adjust the tricky games, like the claw machines, to maximize people’s chances of winning something. “There will only be two things for people to do at the annual meeting: eat and play!

“We will have lucky draws all the way. Once everyone has eaten their fill, they can take their tokens to the capsule machines and claw machines. When all the prizes have been won, everyone has eaten their fill, and all the tokens have been spent; the annual meeting would officially come to an end.

“Tengda would not engage in formalism or motivation. We also would not force anyone to make a fool out of themselves on stage.

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“Eat, drink, and be merry—that will be our annual meeting’s theme!”

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Indeed, the twins had achieved their intended effect such that Huang Sibo was stunned the moment he entered.

Would a company that could hire such receptionists be lacking in money?

It was just a pity that this company had high requirements such that he wouldn’t be able to enter.

Otherwise, if he were to tell others that he was working at Shenhua View and that the front desk had a pair of beautiful twin receptionists, they would definitely envy him!

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Huang Sibo then checked out the work desks.

Once again, he was shocked!