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How about you? You seem more afraid that I wouldn’t die quickly enough!

You’re both humans, but why are you so different?! It’s a good thing that Boss Pei tore down your veil of hypocrisy for me!

Qiao Liang sniggered. “No, I won’t. Boss Pei just called me to say that the ‘Ultimate Horror’ is nothing but a haunted house that contains no deeper meaning whatsoever. It has no link to his new game at all, and so there’s no need for me to enter!

“On top of that, Boss Pei has also organized a series of activities for me. He said that they would all be gone if I enter the ‘Ultimate Horror’.

“So, goodbye to all of you. I’m going to have fun with Boss Pei now!”

Everyone was shocked.

Why did Boss Pei call Qiao Liang to ruin their plan on purpose?

Just look at Teacher Qiao; obviously, he had been persuaded. He did not look like he wanted to experience the ‘Ultimate Horror’ at all now!

They wanted to try and persuade him again, but they had no idea how.

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Boss Pei had already called him to clarify things. He had even said that there was no deeper meaning in the project at all and that it was nothing but a haunted house.

Everything that they had said to Teacher Qiao before had been negated by Boss Pei’s words!