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What is the connection between online making money?

Suddenly, an explosion can be heard around.

People were running out of the pink smoke after I looked in the voice’s direction.

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They are talking over there.

“Uwah, it looks like a weird monster is bringing mayhem to the streets!”

“Also, that monster caught a dense high school boy that’s too focused on his games!”

“Hey, Kinta. I will become a magical girl.”

“That’s sudden!? Aren’t you not feeling like it!?”

“Handsomely saving Amano-kun- everyone, …that’s already more than enough for a reason!”

“I don’t get it. Anyway, let’s form a bond!”

-This is the moment when Magical Girl Karen is born.

Chapter 11 – Chiaki Hoshinomori and Moe Talk

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Even though they are identical clones, Keita and Chiaki have very different views on moe. …Here’s a discussion between the two today!

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“Moe is pretty great.”

A day after school, only the two of us are in the Game Hobby Club. Keita ignited the fuse for the argument.