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Of course, there were also people like Zhang Yahui who sold roasted cold noodles.

Their hearts ached while they were setting up the stall.

For example, setting up a stall in a popular place and getting messed up by hooligans. He had no choice but to swallow his anger and obediently ‘pay his tributes’;

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Or renting a popular store but the landlord chased him away with the notice of demolition in the end. He only found out that the landlord had changed hands and increased the rent.

He wanted to open a small restaurant to make food and beverages. First, he had gone through so much trouble to apply for a business license. Then, he had been reprimanded for making changes because of a complaint. His business had been dismal...

Most vendors would sleep later than dogs and wake up earlier than chickens as long as they walked this path. They would not rest for the entire year. However, most of them could only barely maintain their livelihood and struggle on the food line.

Many people sympathized with the vendors, but that was on the premise that they did not start their stalls at their doorsteps.

The stalls of these vendors were either in unsafe places (placed at a crossroad or on the main road) or unhygienic (the raw materials were difficult to guarantee and the leftover garbage contaminated the road). They also posed many difficulties in managing the city.

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Zhang Yahui had set up his stall after graduating from high school. He was still very young but he had actually set up his stall for seven to eight years. The location of his stall had also been changed many times. Naturally, he was very confident about it.

Fei Huang Workspace’s filming team listened and recorded as they began to plan the filming plan for the promotional video based on Zhang Yahui’s description.

February 23rd, Thursday...

Meng Chang and the advertisement department were in charge of the E-Sports promotional video. They were in the midst of intense preparations and were about to officially start filming.

Meng Chang sighed again. The efficiency of his subordinates was really high.

Two or three of them came from Fei Huang Workspace. Be it filming, finding actors, or filming, they were familiar with all sorts of work. Meng Chang originally thought that he would have to prepare for three to five days at the beginning, but he realized that it could be reduced by half under the efficiency of these people.

The employees of the marketing and advertising department would ensure their own rest time by increasing their productivity after all. How could they not be efficient?

Meng Chang especially liked a young man named Gao Ti[1.’Gao Ti literally means ‘tall and raise’] among the employees in the advertising and marketing department. He was very young, smart, and efficient. Meng Chang especially liked his name and felt that it had a good symbolic meaning.

Gao Ti had also been transferred from Fei Huang Workspace. He had been preparing for most of the filming of the promotional video.