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Is online selling toy cars to make money?

At those words, Bro hung his head with a dejected expression that said “I knew it”.

And it was then.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen! The first part of today’s Duel Monster is over. Before we commence the second half, we’ll finally start the long-awaited auction!”

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In front of the cage where beasts were fighting in the center of the gambling den, when a hoodlum raised his voice, the nobles cheered all at once.

“If you’re excited about the battle between monsters, you can’t be satisfied with that alone. Not just the spectacle. To become the master of monsters, make your monsters fight, raise them up and strengthen them, and go on the road to become a Duel Kings. All for you... the monster auction will start!”

Monster Auction.

“If you’ve purchased a monster this time, or if you already own a monster, you can add your monster to the latter part of today’s Duel Monster and fight! To the man who aims to be a Duel King...... if you’re here, come on down!”

It was exactly what I expected when I heard the Old man’s story.

To become the master of monsters. In other words, an auction to buy monsters.

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“Up first, we have a ferocious carnivore sporting a powerful jaw, as strong as any of the Dragon-kin, that could crunch anything. Can exert its power on both land and water and has a stylish mustache, the Demon Realm Crocodile... I give you, Dandy Croc! Now, the minimum bid starts at 5 million!”

“5.5 million!”

“6 million!”

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“6.3 million!”

“7 million!”

A monster was brought in while being restrained by a collar and a muzzle. The excited nobles stood up all at once, raised their hands, and tried to throw their bid.

Yes, this is what the ‘auction’ was all about.