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The three of us widened our eyes at the appearance of the unexpected name.

「The connection between『Bloody Fox』and『underworld』was already famous since that time. It was unheard of for the sovereign of a country to enter into a pact with a person of the underworld. Of course, the noble faction opposed strongly and put strong pressure on Fox Finance. Rize’s establishment was devastated, and they even set fire to her mansion in Drestia.」

「T-That’s terrible!」

「Uwaa, they must not love their lives…」

「Unbelievable idiots…」

Ria and Rose’s reaction was the exact opposite of mine.

「And the next day, the subordinates of the noble faction who ransacked Rize’s establishment -『disappeared』.」

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「Aa, yes. I don’t know how, but all of them disappeared without any trace. The Holy Knights who conducted an arduous investigation, were unable to find even a strand of hair, let alone the bodies. Rize uses an unidentified strange soul dress. In all probability, I’m sure it’s her doing.」

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Sensei continued to talk with a serious expression.

「This mysterious incident threw the noble faction into major chaos. Meanwhile, Rize, who had gained the country’s backing, expanded Fox Financial right away, and Tenshi-sama went on to restrict the nobles. Five years later, she’s been trying so hard, but… After the end of the agreement period with Rize, the noble faction gained one of the Seven Holy Swords into their hands, acquiring overwhelming military might. It was a little long, but this is the history between the royal and noble factions.」

And now that all the talks were concluded,

「Nee, I know I’m only saying this after hearing it all, but… Wouldn’t it be bad if I heard this story?」

Ria, the princess of Vesteria, asked so, scratching her cheeks slightly.

It would surely be bad if the decay of internal affairs of the Imperial Kingdom was known to the princess of a foreign country.

「No, it doesn’t matter. Decay of the Imperial Kingdom is well known among the top brass of the country. Besides, Ria’s father, Gris, also knows it all too well.」

Sensei said with a bitter expression.

And when an indescribable heavy atmosphere loomed,

「Well, let’s end the serious talk there and… Let’s move on to the main issue at hand!」