Online consultation

Online consultation

Wasn’t it normal for the game to be delayed for a week or two or even half a month for various reasons?

It had only been half a month. Could that be considered a delay?

I just don’t like how inexperienced you all seem to be.

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At that time, these UP Masters would definitely boast about this pair of glasses but players would not have them.

These UP Masters could not prove that the glasses were as impressive as they said.

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What’s more, Tengda would sign a confidentiality agreement with them. They could not mention the specific parameters of the glasses before they were officially released.

It was to prevent leaks in name, but in reality, it was to avoid unnecessary attention because of the high parameters of the glasses.

These UP Masters were either not famous or had maliciously sponsored partnerships. Coupled with the bad reputation of Slow Movement Studio and Meng Chang, everyone would definitely suspect that they were collecting money to do something.

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It was useless even if they started live-streaming. That was because if they cast the VR image on the screen, the VR’s unique immersion would be completely lost. What’s more, the game “Animal Island” was not on the glasses at all. They could only live-stream some of the existing VR games. It would not have any effect at all.

It would raise the players’ expectations infinitely coupled with the promotional video and the previous foreshadowing. When the true appearance of this pair of spectacles was revealed, it would definitely disappoint the players!

That way, the glasses could be officially released after some time.

That was because most of the popularity had been suppressed. The sales volume was definitely not good.

Wouldn’t that complete the reverse publicity?