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Grab the horse points online

“Ah, no thanks. My stomach can’t take it.”

“What do you mean!?”

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So, we started arguing pointlessly again. …This is weird. Words like “Valentine’s Day,” “girls I know,” and “getting chocolate” are far beyond my expectation of rom-com events.

After we’re done dissing each other, both of us felt pretty exhausted from how pointless this is. Finally, we began today’s real topic.

“So? Amanocchi, why did you want to hold a family restaurant meeting with me again? Aren’t you trying to stay away from anything that can affect your relationship with Tendou-san?”

“Oh, about that.”

I answered casually after hearing her logical question.

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“I already gave up the moment that I started fighting Main-san.”

“…I think so.”

Aguri-san continued drinking orange juice calmly like this has nothing to do with her. It’s like she already knew my answer from the start.

I continued with a bitter smile.

“So, I’m not saying that…let’s hold even more family restaurant meetings with you, Aguri-san. However, I think the least we can do is don’t avoid it explicitly. …What do you think?”

“How should I answer you…?”

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After she heard that, Aguri-san looked away a bit embarrassingly. She blew a bunch of bubbles on her orange juices violently before answering quietly.

“…It’s fine as long as Amanocchi pays for it.”

“Ah, then I guess we should really stop doing this.”

“Amanocchi, you’re getting really sly these days!”

“Isn’t it because a particular gal’s getting too disgusting these days!?”

We started the 3rd round of the pointless argument of today again. However, both of us just lack the energy for another one. So, we immediately ended it and plopped our heads down.