Is it true that the live broadcast is real?

Is it true that the live broadcast is real?

The host quickly said, “OK, thank the FV team members for the interview again. Let us give the applause and cheers to the champion team of IOI’s global finals, FV Team!”

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IOI’s global finals finally came to an end amidst the warm applause and cheers!

At the same time, the live-stream in China exploded.

It was not only the live-stream but also countless viewers and players on various forums discussing the final interview.

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“Why are these FV team members acting so pretentiously?! Every interview has a signature sentence!”

“The top laner with ‘as long as you have hands’, the jungler with ‘teammates kill too quickly’, the middle lane is ‘basic operations’, the bottom lane is ‘hanging out with teammates’, the support is ‘not commanding much’, so heartless!”

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“That’s not right. I’ve seen the live-streams of these people playing games. They don’t seem to be so pretentious. Could they have been infected by someone?”

“This answer is ridiculous. Everyone feels that they are not carrying the team but doing what they are supposed to do? Could it be that they are sucking up in a ring? There is no thigh in the team at all, or perhaps everyone is the thigh?”

“No, didn’t the team members tell you the truth? The biggest thigh in the team is the coaches!”

“Pan Ying said that all the tactical strategies and possible situations in the competition have been arranged in advance by the coach. Is this true? Is it that abnormal?”

“Holy sh*t, I’m convinced by Old Zhou’s interview! Getting the IOI global finals champion was just a small interlude in his teaching career?”

“Perhaps Old Zhou thinks that teaching DGE is more important. After all, he did not play IOI before. He came over to teach for more than a month and brought FV Team to the world championship. He probably doesn’t find it challenging!”

“Indeed, I think Old Zhou’s next goal should be to train the members of DGE well. He should strive to send more new players with potential to the various clubs. He should strive to train more players to win more GPL championships!”

“Old Zhou said that there is a special data analysis team and tactical team analyzing IOI’s game version and moving mature tactics over. Isn’t the so-called ‘mature tactics’ the tactics in GOG? For example, forced demolition. This is obviously the tactics that used to be popular in GOG!”

“That’s true. Moreover, the last round’s adopted father seemed to be an unpopular tactic in GOG. It was not very useful in the IOI competition at first, but the last hit rule was modified. That’s why it was so effective!”

“This interview is too short. There’s no meaning to it. There are still many key questions that they haven’t asked?”

“I don’t think he dares to probe any further. If he continues asking, Old Zhou would say that he had been playing GOG all along and had only been researching IOI for a month. Would he still be able to watch such a scene? That would become a live-stream accident!”

“I hope the local media can interview the FV team. I feel that their month in Los Angeles was quite mysterious. They changed for no reason. I didn’t expect them to be in the same team as the FV team that only managed to obtain the first seed in the domestic qualifiers!”

“In short, let’s look forward to the championship team coming back victorious! I can’t wait to see them live-stream!”